Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Week Forty Two in Ecuador - September 8, 2014 - Late Night Transfer!

Hey Family:

Well first off this week all in all has been great however yesterday night at 10:30 p.m., I got a call saying that I have transfers, so I got switched out of Malvinas and now I am in a new area that is called Puerto New Port in English. I just barely got to the sector like 3 hours ago and just barely met my companion. His name is Elder Muñoz and he is from Bolivia and he is a sweet kid. He has been out here on the mission for 15 months now.  

Well anyways the week went well other than that we had a bunch of people that were able to go to church and I was super glad about that. Then I have been learning a ton lately about Christ-like attributes and the way that we should be as people... and it's tough haha it's definitely not easy. Christ expects us to be like he was and of course, he was perfect. So he has some pretty high expectations for us but he knows that every ounce of effort we put forth will bless us and help us in our lives. Mom, I loved what you shared that sometimes our testimonies aren't based off of super huge events that happen but rather that they are from lots of little tiny experiences that have helped us day after day. 

Well sorry I didn't have too much to say today but I hope all is well. Tell Jake that I am proud of him for going to Homecoming oh and tell him he's getting pretty big...I'm impressed. 

Hope you all have an absolutely wondeful week! 

Elder Lignell

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