Monday, January 5, 2015

Week Fifty Nine in Ecuador - January 5, 2015 - Happy New Year !!

Hey Family :) 

Well I did actually have a nice week, and yes Machala does celebrate New Years. In fact it celebrates New Years a lot haha however, this New Years for me was extremely boring. I went to bed at 10:30 and woke up around 11:50 because of all the fire works and music. I thought about going up the stairs with my companion to see all of the lights from the roof, hopwever I was too tired haha so I watched the countdown on my bed on the little nokia phone that we have...pretty exciting :)

And to be honest, New Years this year actually made me a little bit more homesick than Christmas which is really weird... but everyone was with family and going on trips and listening to music and not in their house, so us working New Year's day was just pathetic to be honest. We didn't find anyone... and no one was out in the streets either... :( but now I'm glad because it's over.

Thank you for the scriptures that is so nice of you :) and with the shirts you can get the ones from Mr. Mac. They are neck size 16 and the brand is called ENRO and slim fit and thank you so much... I'm way excited for the ties and the scriptures!

Now about my week. Well as you all know it was New Years this week and in Ecuador they celebrate New Years for a lot more than just one night. They start the new year off with a party and just keep going and going and going. The parties started on the 31st around 7 at night and at 6 we were in the house by ourselves because of the danger of being in the streets, however New Years Day we left the house around 11 in the morning and it was a lot more dangerous then because the parties from the night before hadn't finished yet. They were still going strong and everyone was drunk. I couldn't even count how many drunk guys asked us for money that day or said bad words in English or invited us to drink and "start the new year off right" hahaha. But we made it through the day safely and back to the house to rest in peace. Then all in all the week was great.  We worked hard and found a ton of new people that are willing to progress and learn more about the Church. 

An interesting experience this week was that we have an investigator named Alexander and he is a little black kid who is 15 years old and his family and friends and pretty much everyone that lives around him is a bad influence. However he likes to listen to us and you can tell he truly understands when we teach him. 

The cool experience that we had was that we went to teach him on New Years Eeve and there was a giant party at his house, so I, not knowing what to do, invited him top sit outside with us on chairs to be able to teach him. We started with a prayer and read part of the Book of Mormon and I honestly don't know how it was possible with all the music inside, but I felt the Spirit enter into our lesson, you could see it in his eyes as he was reading he felt something... and later that week, he told me that he felt something. But it really amazed me how strong the Spirit can be. Obviously the Spirit won't always be detected when the environment isn't right, but God needed Alexander to feel that and maybe it even helped him to make some better decision that night. All I know is that God helps his children... He touches their lives and if we invite his spirit to come, it will come :)

Love you all to death!

Write back!

Elder Lignell

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