Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Week Eight in Ecuador - I Have My First Two Baptisms !!!! - Monday, January 13, 2014

Dear Family:
I got my first two baptisms on Saturday!!!!!!!!! :)))
Which is absolutely awesome I am so very happy!!! It was the greatest thing ever! Their names are Maria L. and Cristian L.  Maria is 65 and Cristian is 11 and he is her son. And funny thing is that she is the one that gave me the banana that killed my stomach! haha....but it was worth it for a baptism!
It was so very great that we had the opportunity to help them and it was so wonderful after the baptism Maria gave me and my companion both giant hugs and I got a little kiss on the cheek.... haha so 3 months down and I got my first two baptisms and my first kiss in my mission :) 
After the 12th of February, we all change companions. I love Ecuador so so much! It is such an amazing beautiful country and I learn so much new Spanish everyday which is awesome because I truly believe that I can do it out here and be happy and love this life with all my heart and it really can be the best two years!!!!
In answer to your question, yes I have spanish scriptures and they gave them to us at the Mexico MTC.
That was really nice of Mitch to go up to Jacob at the Brighton game and give him a big hug.  Mitch is awesome and I love him!
I'm glad you were able to go to Elizabeth Young's farewell and that is so true about what she said about being in the majority if you are in God's church!
I don't have much time to be on the computer today, so I'll have to send you pictures of our Baptism next week.
Love you all so so so much I miss you all to death!
Elder Lignell


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