Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week Nine in Ecuador - January 20, 2014 - A New Companion :)

Hi family,

This week was interesting because on Tuesday I had my first transfer. I left with Elder Castillo for Guayaquil Tuesday morning and got my new companion in Guayaquil and then went back to Loja so I have a new Companion!!!!!! His name is Elder Quintero and he is from Cali, Columbia. He is 19 years old and I like him a lot! He has a very weird accent which is hard for me to understand but it is helping me learn more Spanish and I am so very happy! 

I now have a ton more responsibility because I know the city and my companion does not so I have to remember where everything is and be able to tell cab drivers the directions to different places. I first discovered this new responsibility when we first got to Loja and I realized that I didn't really know the street names for our house so I somehow explained to the driver where to go and we made it, but it was a big eye opener. haha 

We haven't had very much success this week, which has been too bad. I want to really have a ton of investigators and baptisms but at the moment we are starting out fresh and it is hard. Also, I've realized that I really have to take responsibility out here and do things for myself rather than just letting my companions do the talking all of the time because I do have a lot to share. I just need to take the courage in every moment to act on my promptings and be outgoing. 
So I had a great week in all but at the same time I have a ton going on and I am a little stressed.

Oh, by the way, I can make omelets just as good as mom´s so I am officially grown up and mom you won´t be able to make jokes about me and my cooking and not knowing how to take care of myself :)
Also, I got some packages.....thanks everyone!!!
Elder Lignell                       Maria L. and Cristian L.

                                       (My shirt looks puffy....that is not my tummy :))
 Proof that I can now make an omelet :)


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