Monday, August 25, 2014

Week Forty in Ecuador - August 25, 2014 - We Hosted Activity Night!!! - Pretty Crazy !!!

Alright guys I'm back again:) and this week went well I actually really enjoyed it. And I am way excited to keep working.

So first off me and Elder Carmona are doing well and we have been searching all over Malvinas and unfortunately we haven't been able to find too many really solid people but I haven't lost faith and we'll keep finding people.
However, right now I want a lot of our focus to be on the people who were recently baptized because I want to be able to help them so that none of them go inactive or fall away from the church. Also we are hoping to be able to work more with the ward and be able to find referrals through them. And in trying to do that we set up a ward missionary night at the chapel this last Friday and the purpose was that the members could bring friends there and then we were going to have some messages and then play some "constructive" games... well to say the least it didn't go as we expected. 
First off hardly anyone brought investigators to the activity, but then we started and I gave a talk about missionary work and then we started playing the games we played one called "Noah's ark" that me and Elder Sanchez had made up before in a family home evening where everyone gets a paper with a different animals name and there are two of every animal then without talking you have to go find your animal partner by making sounds and movements and then make it to the Ark... well we started it and everyone just started screaming the names of animals out trying to make it to the ark first to get the prizes... then we had to try to calm everyone down so we started to a "unity game" where there were four teams and they had to all work together to form a circle. However it honestly just made everyone there more competitive and made things go way out of control! The high priest leader and the seminary teacher were honestly screaming right at me telling me to give them their prizes because they had won... so all in all it wasn't very productive but it gave us all a good laugh and now I know a few things not to do in wards in the future hahaha

Then on Saturday it was the baptism of Investigator L. she is a 15 year old girl that is way cool she learned so fast all that she needed too and was able to be baptize3d, I was chosen to do the ordinance and I was really happy for that opportunity, her little sister has her baptism this upcoming Saturday :) So ya they are both great! The girl who just got baptized was the one that we found threw her mom when at first we invited her mom to read the Book of Mormon and left it with her then the next day we passed by and the daughter had read the part we left and started asking questions about it and then from then on she progressed perfectly right up to her baptism so it has been a pretty cool little miracle to be have been able to teach her :)

And so I am doing well! I love it here and the nights aren't as crazy hot right now... I don't even have to sleep with the fan on high speed I put it on low now ;) haha well I love Ecuador!  Entonces voy a terminar este mensaje pero espero que todo este bien y que puedan siempre disfrutar de este evangelio Les Quiero mucho!

Elder Lignell

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