Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week Thirty Seven in Ecuador - August 4, 2014 - I Love This Work! I Love The Gospel, I Love The Scriptures and I Love You Guys

Hey family! 

Alright well first off thank you so very much for sending out the package. Hopefully it will get here soon. I'm glad everyone is doing well. That's awesome. I am doing good out here but there have been some changes! So my old companion, Elder Garcia, had transfers so he left and now I I have a new companion named Elder Carmona. He was born in the Dominican Republic but he moved to the United States when he was 6 years old so he speaks perfect English! Haha...You don't know how nice it has been to be able to speak a little bit of English! Well anyways he is cool and he actually lives by Rose Park in Salt Lake City! He has 10 months out here in the mission, so just a little bit more time than I do. 

So I have been teaching him the area and the investigators and everything about Malvinas this last week. And it's going well! We have kept up the number of people that are investigating the Church. We brought 7 to church and 6 again had baptism dates this past Saturday and we had one baptism and for this next Saturday and then we have three more :) 

So I'm feeling pretty good about the work that we our doing and especially that the investigators that we have are progressing and want to keep coming to church!

Ok, so the baptism that we just had was a 12 year old kid named Investigator G. Sometimes a 12 year old kid has a hard time when it comes to going to church and staying strong after the baptism and after we leave, but with this kid,  I'm nt too worried. He is the greatest kid!!  Every time we pass by his house he gets the biggest smile on his face and literally jumps to the door. Then on Saturday for his baptism right before the service started, we went to go take some pictures and I look over at him and he was all teary eyed, and I had no idea what to think.... I couldn't tell if he was scared or didn't want to be baptized or just really excited... nobody really knew why he was crying. Well anyways we tried to comfort him and he sorta calmed down then we had the service. I had the oppertunity to baptize him and right after he came out of the water we asked him how he felt and he said, "El agua era rico" which means something like the water was delicious. hahaha I was so happy I had the chance to baptize him!! He's a wonderful kid and we're hoping to be able to help his mom and his other brother recieve the same ordinances later on :)

Well I am doing well and Malvinas is great! I can't wait until this next Saturday too and the next and the next :)

Well I love this work, I love the gospel, I love the scriptures, and I love you guys. I think about you all the time but not in a sad way because I only get one shot at these two years and I promise I'm trying to give it my all each day.

Well love you all

Elder Lignell          Investigator G. on his baptism day!! He is a great kid!!!


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