Monday, October 6, 2014

Week Forty Six in Ecuador - October 6, 2014 - Almost My Year Anniversary :)

Hey guys so I just got on the computer and I had a great week. 

So as you know, this last week was conference weekend and the rule that we have in this missions is that if you don't bring investigators to conference you can't go to watch the session. But amazingly I was able to bring investigators to every session! :) And I had a pretty cool experience.... so this whole last week I was praying about conference and that we would be able to find someoneto bring to the sessions so that I would be able to watch them. Anyway so right before presithood session starts our investigator that we had left so we were sad! We then went to a member's house and told them about that so the mom somehow understanding what we needed went to the other room and told her non-member son to go to the conference with us... and he did!!! It was awesome and I thought that the priesthood session was one of the best ones I've ever seen haha maybe just because I actually paid attention haha but really it was good!! 

 I'm also now senior companion!!!!  I'm very glad at this new situation. 

Ok and now about my week.... so we worked super hard this week and we invited the whole Guasmo Sur to go to conference haha!! I swear as a missionary the conference weekends are the most stressful things of all time!! The stake center where the conference was being broadcasted is 30 minutes by bus from our sector and we had to gather everyone up to get them in the bus and then take them there and when there is only two hours in between every session it is super hard to find everyone and get them in a bus thirty minutes before the session, five times in a row haha so I'm exhausted...... but it was worth it!
We brought in 10 different people and some of them went to more than one session :) We have two baptism dates that are awesome and are progressing very well and the conference was so good!!!  I loved that they talked a lot about our desire to stay on the path of God and be able to follow his doctrine. Honestly, I felt the Spirit so strong in this conference and I know that the Prophet and his Apostles and all of the 70's are called of God and chosen to instruct us in this life :)

 And I'm stoked to start working again this week.  I love this gospel and I love being a missionary, so I have to make the best of this next year that I have ;)  I love you all!


Elder Lignell

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