Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week Forty Nine in Ecuador - October 27, 2014 - Lots of Pictures For You This Week

Hey Family,

Jacob looked good for MORP.... hope he had an awesome time! And of course a good night kiss... haha just kidding he's too young :)

About being stressed out. Ya know what... truthfully yes I do stress out a lot and I feel like it is one of my weeknesses recently in the last few months I have been trying really hard not to stress out and to just stay calm and let things pass as they do. However I definitely don't always succeed. 

But this week was awesome!! And guess what all of your prayers for the man that you don't know worked! He got baptized! So I'll tell you the story. 

So all week I had been praying my heart out that Investigator R. could be baptized and that he would have the strength to be able to overcome his addictions and recieve a remision of his sins. Every single day we passed by his house to check up on him and see how he was doing and on Thursday, two days before his baptism he told us a story about how he had bought a cigarette and was going to give up on trying to quit smoking. However as he lit up the cigarette, the butt end fell off right as he lit it up and he was so frustrated, he threw the cigarette away and didn't smoke! He took that as a sign that God wanted him to go through with his baptism and he pushed through and Saturday at 7:00 he was able to be baptized! After his baptism he told us that he felt clean and that he felt like he was a new person. You don't even know how happy it made me to be able to see him take that step in his life. He obviously still has a long way to go to continue putting away this vice in his life but wow, God truly does answer our prayers and he trully does fight against the devil to help us to succeed. I was so very grateful and it strengthened my testimony a ton on the power of prayer. 

 Other than that I am great. My companion is a stud! He's hillarious. And we cook food all the time in our house. We make egg and hot dog sandwiches, colombian bread and this week we're gonna do french toast. Haha we also the other night played soccer in our house and not to brag but I beat a Colombian, Peruvian and a Chilean... hahaha 

So this week was awesome we are working hard and I love the area that I am in right now! 

 I love you all to death!

 Elder Lignell
                                               Investigator R.'s Baptism
                                                   Investigator R's Baptism
                                             Investigator L's Baptism - she is 76
                           Investigator D's Baptism - She is 74, loves to read
                                            is so sweet and loves to go to church.
                                                         Group Picture :)
                                          Me with a fake rattail :) Look Close :)
                                              Eating Crab......Yum!!
                Crazy Dangerous Houses Built Above The River Out of Wood
                     Me and My New Companion....We Are Cooking Up a Storm!


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