Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week Eighty Eight In Ecuador - July 27, 2015 - A New Companion :)

 Hey family I'm here again. 

 This week has been great, we worked hard... yet again. haha I fill like slowly every week I get more and more tired but I keep working just as hard, and it's great! I feel good, but definitely tired! haha I'll be sure to take a long nap when I get back to make up for these two years.
Anyways I'm glad everyone is doing well. Make sure you take more pictures... I like seeing you guys.

That's awesome about Dallin Latimer. Wow I had no idea he was 18... in my mind he's still like 12 years old haha don't tell him that. But do tell his family that I'm sure he will be an awesome missionary. I'm so glad he could go into the mission knowing what the Spirit is and how to listen to its promptings, that's like the most important thing to learn as a missionary. So he's already one step ahead!

SO this week we had changes... my companion Elder Smith left... which was sad cause he was definitely one if not my best companion that I've had. However my new companion is named Elder Forrest! He's from Ranchocucamanga California!  (didn't we know someone from there?) Anyways he is also way cool, he has about 21 months in the mission so we have a lot of time put together but we're both excited to work so I'm pumped :)

 We also had two baptisms this week!!!! one named A.  where her whole family is members and she was the last one to ge baptized and the other is named Y she is 37 years old and lives with her husband and he two little kids. Her and her husband have had a few problems but they are trying to work everything out, she explained to us that sometimes they fought and she would sit alone and just feel horrible but the Saturday before her baptism it happened again and while she was sitting alone she read out of the Liahona and she said the terrible feeling wasn't there. In fact she felt good, and safe and happy. Despite all of her other problems and from that moment on she knew that she had to do it. That she needed a baptism. I had the wonderful opportunity to baptize her and wow,  I felt the spirit so strong and she had the biggest smile on her face as she left the font.

I was thinking a little bit about our job as a missionary, and we have all these people that are progressing towards a baptism and every night we plead to God that they can recieve their own testimonies and be sure of what they are going to do. It's amazing how he not only answers their prayers as well as he answers ours in helping them make it to the waters of baptism.

 I love this work! I'm happy. I can't believe this time is coming to an end. I just hope I can finish strong and give all I've got :)

 Love you thanks for always being so supportive!

 Love, Elder Lignell
                                                        Our Recent Baptisms :)


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