Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week Eighty Nine in Ecuador - August 3, 2015 - Working With A Companion That Only Has Only Been Here One Month :)

Hey family, so another wonderful week down :) it's been a busy one for sure, but I'm happy I'm doing well.

This week we taught a lot, and the Lord was able to bless us with a bunch of people who were just ready to accept the gospel. It was amazing to see it happen. In fact I was with a new elder this week named Elder Dure in a split (when we exchange companions for a short time), he has about 1 month on the mission and he was asking me a ton of questions about what to do how to teach and how to help others and it was a little wierd, it made me feel really old in the mission. But we just worked super hard! I tried to explain to him that there really isn't a secret to the mission other than work hard, love everyone and always search for the spirit in every moment.

And it was almost funny how that day inviting people in the street and in their homes almost all of them accepted our invitations and it was so cool because you could see how excited he was to be working and sharing the gospel, and he started to smile and talk to everyone he could. And it actually helped me a lot to remember how I should always be thankful and get excited for the little things, and not wait for a giant miracle but see the little tiny ones everyday and let those be the source of my desire to keep serving and working.

We also had a baptism this week named J. She is 19 years old and her best friend is a returned missionary who just got back from the mission.
 The day of her baptism and of her confirmation she had soooo many difficulties, it was crazy to see how much satan was trying to hold her back from doing the right thing, and it just so happens in this week I was reading in Alma 49 and 50 and it explains how Moroni never stopping preparing for the war even though it was a time of peace. I realized that the same principle works for all of us and satan. Even if we feel at peace we can never stop progressing in the gospel... we can never feel satisfied with our spiritual progression because there is always something more to do and just as Moroni didn't stop if we don't stop we will always win!

Love you guys so much and hope everyone is doing well!
Thanks for the pictures send more when you can!

Elder Lignell
       Monthly Leadership Council Meeting. I'm in the back row, second from the middle.

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