Monday, August 31, 2015

Week Ninety Three in Ecuador - August 31, 2015 - A Visitor From Switzerland Needs a Blessing - And I'm Amazed At Just How Real This All Is...It Changes People's Lives

Hey family,
Glad to hear that everyone is doing well! Wish Jake a happy birthday for me, hope he had a great day!

I loved the story you shared mom, that was a way cool example of the lamp salesman and how the extra light is what convinced him that he needed it, not the salemans pretty words or price or special functions. It's so cool how the gospel is the same. It just gives us more light that we didn't realize we could have in our lives :) so thanks for sharing. 

This week for us has also been a really good week. So many miracles happened, I was shocked...

So first off on Wednesday we were walking to lunch and right before getting to the member's house to eat, a lady called us from her window asking for a blessing for her small 1 month old grandaughter, so we accepted and went in and gave the blessing. In talking to the lady we found out that she was a member and lives in Switzerland but was here visiting her family who lives in our sector (her daughter).  She explained to us that she shortly would be leaving again but that her daughter wanted to listen in on our lessons. So we talked to her, T. (her daughter) and we found out that she had gone to church before a few imes, and that she has more family members who are part of the church, and we invited her to be baptized and she accepted but explained that she wanted her mom to be there when she got baptized...
But the next visit from her mom wouldn't be until this upcoming February and she was leaving this Sunday... so we left thinking that she would just have to wait, however the thought popped into my head "what if she gets baptized before her mom leaves, like this Saturday" so we called our mission president and explained the situation, and got permission.
So, she got baptized this last Saturday. It was so spiritual in the baptism service! She bore her testimony how her goal is to get her husband baptized and to get sealed in the temple, and her cousin came from the north of Guayaquil to baptize her, (he's a bishop) and all of his family, and wow everything just fell into place, I couldnt believe it!
But she was ready,  it just took God to guide us to her house at the perfect moment for her to be able to take that step. I feel so blessed. I know God is preparing people for the missionaries, we just have to be humble, obedient and ready to listen to the Spirit to do his will. What an amazing miracle.

Next there is a family named the family C. who have two sons who are members and the mom and her daughter who aren't members and the mom always listens to the missionaries but never accepted coming to church or to be baptized. But this last week we had a lesson with her and her son who is preparing for the mission and he shared his testimony to her and how he wanted her to be part of the church. And all we did was listen to her; her doubts, her fears, her worries, her desires and wishes, and tried to explain how the gospel can bless her life. We invited her to be baptized and she just sat there in silence, it was so amazing you could almost see God's light filling inside her and finally she said okay I'll do, I'll get baptized. The day after we visited them again and right before leaving she said, "Ever since I agreed to be baptized I have just felt good, and the spirit just hit me." I felt so happy for her, and wow, God suprises me everyday of how much he does to help us as missionaries, and just how real this all is, it changes peoples lives, it's amazing.

It has been such a wondeful week. I feel so blessed, I don't even feel like I deserve so many blessings, but it just means that we have to keep working and show God that we are grateful for all that he's given us.
Love you all,
Elder Lignell
                                                   The church where we Baptized T. Last Saturday
                                                           The baptism of T.
                                                  T. with her entire family.

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