Saturday, November 9, 2013

Week Three - October 29, 2013

Elder Myers and I just finished playing basketball.  He is a nice kid and he went to Bingham.  We are becoming pretty good friends :)  And, ya, I love Mexico!  I wanted "favelas" in my mission and when you look at the picture, I'm completely surrounded by them!

Oh, and I gave my first priesthood blessing the other day to a sick girl in our district and the next day she felt better, so I feel like it helped a ton!!!

Laundry is good and there are six people in my like dorm to one shower so that is interesting.....but it is just like a basketball camp, so it is okay :) We get an hour a day for gym time!

We take the bus to the temple every other week.  The city is awesome.  The whole place is packed with people!  The weather is great.  We are at 6,000 feet so higher than Utah and it stays about 75 degrees.  It is sorta humid and rains a lot, but I love it so much!!!

I've been thinking about Chandler a lot and it is very hard not to.....this week has been hard.  I've had my entire district pray for Chandler.  The native Mexicans that are here in the MTC are concerned about Chandler too because they could see I was very worried about my friend and even though we can barely communicate with each other, they are super supportive.

A plus this week is that we got our investigator to commit to baptism, which even though it's fake, it is still a really good feeling!

And in conclusion, I love it here.  El CCM (Spanish for MTC), es muy divertido y me gusta la comida mas poco poco poco.  Estoy mas or menos feliz porque mi estomago esta loco este semana. Le amo ustedes mucho.  I miss you gusy.  I love you all to death, but I'm doing the Lord's work and he needs me for a couple of years :)

Love,  Elder Lignell

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