Thursday, November 7, 2013

Week Two - October 22, 2013

So week two is down! Only 4 more to go in the MTC!!! Im so excited to get to Ecuador and serve the people there! Um oh and something I found out today... My mission actually does have the Galapagos Islands in it!!! So I could possibly serve part of my mission there!!!!  

Also, tell Jacob thank you for the letter and I'll let you know when I get the package. Let Jacob know that if he wants to ever say anything from him, to just use his own email. It would be nice if he sent some every once in a while. Also the same goes for dad; I'd love for him to just send me quick little messages and tell him they don't have to be anywhere close to as long as yours mom :) haha Thanks for keeping me updated I appreciate it!

Ok, so it's absolutely crazy that you mentioned my patriarchal blessing because I've been thinking about it a ton lately which is pretty random I need to look at it though :)

The food isn't too bad. I'm definitely getting used to it! Although the past few nights I haven't gotten any sleep because apparently someone decided it's a good idea to celebrate with giant fireworks from like 4 to 6 in the morning! No one knows whats wrong with mexico... hahaha. I feel like I'm in the Hunger Games cause were enclosed and can't leave and cannons go offf every hour or so. haha.

It's difficult being district leader because I have to keep others in line and then myself also which is hard because I have to always be the example! But I'm still trying and it will set me up well to serve the rest of my mission!

 Ok, now to answer your questions. Yes, there is a small store or la tienda to buy stuff. We get about ten dollars a week to spend there ,however I just ordered a customized mexico soccer jersey for 30 pesos! It's awesome and way cheap here. Tell Kathy. thank you for her pesos!

Yes there is a gym and workout place and I worked out today actually.

Saturdays are like normal other days, just lots of study and teaching investigators in Spanish which is very intimidating, but it helps us learn Spanish soooo much!!!

Sundays are super relaxed except I have to give hour long lessons to my district and then we all prepare 5 min talks in Spanish for sacrament meeting. Then random kids get called up to talk and I got called up last sunday and I did mas o menos but I felt okay about it!

 All in all, it is super hard here, very stressful to be a DL. I have gained a testimony of the gift of tongues cause I've said some crazy stuff that I never could have said before in Spanish to investigators. I know that Heavenly Father is looking out for me because everytime I feel down he finds a way to lift me back up!!!!

 I'm so excited to get to Ecuador and I'll keep you updated!

Tell D.D. I got her letter :) it was nice!

Love you all so much!
                                  Austin's District and Spanish Teacher
                                                      Austin's District
                                                          MTC Campus
 Elder Lignell






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