Monday, February 3, 2014

Week Ten in Ecuador - The Trials of a Mission - Monday, January 20, 2014

Dear Family:
Ok, so I am on the computer and this week has been absolutely crazy and hopefully I remember to put everything in. 
I went to Guayaquil on Tuesday and I was extremely sick so that was terrible to have the 9 hour bus rides (both ways) when I had a terribble cold.  But, I had a meeting with my mission president while I was there and he is awesome and I just love him. 
But then after that after when we got back to Loja my stomach started killing me I had so much pain and Thursday night I called the missionary nurses and told them what was going on and they were very worried so they checked me into a hospital. So, I had my first experience in an Ecuadorian hospital and I ended up staying there over night which was a pretty crazy experience. Anyways they diagnosed me with salmonella and I still am not better today and I feel pretty terrible actually. It has been really hard this week to be so sick.....I have no energy whatsoever!
However some cool scriptures that I found yesterday were 2 nephi 31:19,20 and D and C 121: 7-9.
I didn't work really at all this week because of everything.
I love you all so much but I don't have the energy to type more so hopefully I'll hear back from you quick!
Lots of love,  Elder Lignell

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