Monday, March 10, 2014

Week Sixteen in Ecuador - Monday, March 10, 2014 - Interesting Week

Ok, so hi guys :) 

So actually Mom,  that is funny that you brought up the prayer thing and the importance of always asking Heavenly Father for help and I actually have been trying to do better at that. For instance this week on Saturday, I volunteered to perform a baptism on a day where it was raining like crazy and extremely cold.  However God must have a sense of humor because the church has a baptism font and they fill it with hot water that is heated by gas from some little shed outside. So, they were heating the water and the shed literally exploded and caught on fire, so the firefighters cam and put it out.  So, I had to baptize the investigator in freezing cold water, but it was a pretty spiritual experience :) 

Ok so I am glad that everybody is doing well :) I haven't got your package yet :( oh, but I sent you a letter for your birthday Mom, so if you get it before the 31st don´t open it :)

Tell Parker Breinholt I say hi and I'm doing great :)

Well anyways now about this week. So there honestly is not too much stuff that we were working hard but honestly nothing happened.  Now that I have been out here for a while I have high expectations and my happiness kinda rides on our success out here so it is extremly hard when none of our investigators work with us and stuff like that. But I am ready to work and ready to push forward :)

At the moment I am trying to really take responsibility for everything I want to be able to do on my own in Spanish and be able to be the senior companion and not have to rely on my companion to do everything :)

I realized that I want to feel the spirit more out here so that is what I will be working on this week... is to really listen for the small promptings and to be obedient enough to recieve the revalation that I need :)

You will have to keep me updated on Jacob's drivers permit :)

Love,  Elder Lignell

                                               Our Casa (Our Room is on the Second Floor)

                                                    View From My Bedroom Window
                                                    Investigator M on his Baptism Day
                                                    A Doll One of Our Investigators Made


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