Monday, March 3, 2014

Week Fifteen In Ecuador - Monday, March 3, 2014 - A Great Week!!

This week has been great! 

Well first off, thank you for your email....I loved the little quotes...they are great!

Anyways I am glad that everyone is doing well!

This week, like I said was very good. We had one investigator attend  church and she has a baptism date for the 15th of March :) and she is absolutely great!  Her name is Investigator B :) and I am going to talk about her for a little bit. So she is 23, she has two adorable children and a husband who is like 27 or so. Anyways so it's a funny story how we met them. First off we were contacting(knocking on doors) in an area and we met a man named Carl and he wanted to be baptized in his first lesson, so we were excited to go back and teach him more. But when we went back and asked for him his 4 year old little daughter answered the door.  When we had her go look for him she came back and said "Carl says he isn't here right now" hahaha  Then his wife came out and tells us "I don't know anyone named Carl who lives here"... hahaha so that was all hilarious. But we wanted to ask the neighbors about him so we went to the next house and that is where we found Investigator B and her family :)

Ok now about them. They are super poor right now and so we have been doing a ton of service for them like sweeping, doing the dishes and stuff like that and her husband just found a job in Quito so it is great that they are getting more money now, however we can't baptize her husband in Quito..... but she is still here so we have been teaching her and it has been wonderful! And, I just love that she seems so happy when we come over and I really feel like we are helping her! 

So this Sunday she came to church and she said that she liked it a lot and wanted to keep coming! Also her husband said over a phone call to her that he wants to go to church with us in a month when he gets back because he likes the kind of people we are and believes that the church can help their family :) 

So ya that was great!

Other than that the 1-4th of March here is a time called "carnival" which is where the whole population of Ecuador throws waterballoons and shoots foam at each other.... and not just the kids like literally everyone I saw was doing it.  I saw a 70 year old man throw a waterballoon at a car yesterday..... haha but it is so great!! And, we have a bag of waterballoons in the house to throw out the window because it is perfectly acceptable!  Yes, I have gotten hit with a few balloons and a lot of foam because I am like an attraction here because I'm a "gringo"  :) :)

And last, something funny is that the elders in my house were bored yesterday so they made a soccer ball out dishtowels and tape and the funny thing is that it actually works and so they have been playing with that the last few days :)

I'm still in Loja and loving it.

Love you all!
Elder Lignell

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