Monday, April 7, 2014

Week Twenty In Ecuador - Monday, April 7, 2014 - Yes, we had to evacuate for the Tsunami.

Hey guys :)


So first yes, we did have to evacuate for the tsunami!! But I will talk more about that in a sec.


And yes, conference was great. I enjoyed it a lot and yes it was all in Spanish :)


I'm glad everyone is doing well and yes I got the package from Kathy with the eggs and candy and stuff and I love it! Thank her so much for me!


And yes,we take our laundry to a Laundromat right now that a member owns and it is great. She folds it all up nice for us after too :)


Okay now about the week!!


So first it was pretty crazy because last Monday we had an announcement in the mission that we all had to put together 72 hour kits with food and clothes so of course, with everyone being missionaries we were all freaked out about revelation and stuff.  But then Tuesday night at like 10:00 p.m. we got a call saying we had to get our 72 hour kits ready and all the missionaries in Guayaquil had to go to houses that were three stories up or higher! So, since we live on the third flour we didn't have to leave but we had ten missionaries come to here to sleep. And guess what!? One of them was Elder Myers! friend from the MTC. He came and slept over and I was so happy because we just got to talk and I relate to him a bunch so it was awesome! I just got to sit and talk to him and we ended up talking until like 3:30 in the morning and like usual woke up at 6:30 so I only got 3 hours of sleep that night... haha but it was worth it. And the tsunami obviously didnt hit :) so everyone is fine but the President of the mission definitely did have a crazy revelation because he told us to put together those kits before the earthquake in Chili.... 


Ok now about confrence! its was great we brought 9 investigators in all to confrence and I enjoyed it a lot. There is actually an odd rule in this mission that if you dont bring investigators to the session you cant watch it... but luckily we got at least one person to each session and I was able to watch it all. Although I didnt understand all of it cause it was in spanish I was able to pick up all the simple messages and I enjoyed just listening to the choir haha


Then yesterday we had the two baptisms that I told you about last week... and they actually both fell through. The wife had a hard time with the Word of Wisdom and then yesterday we couldn't find the husband anywhere..... he honestly just disappeared so that was pretty tough... I was super disappointed and my companion had a hard time and he is still kinda having a hard time. 


So I was feeling kinda down too... but then this morning in my personal study I was reading about the Sons of Mosiah and I wanted to quickly share the story with you. Okay so first the Sons of Mosiah were terrible people "the vilest of sinners" but they were given the chance to repent and they took the chance and through that they had a wonderful knowledge of the atonement of Christ. Then they had the desire to share the gospel with others. (Mosiah 28:3) They went out to preach and brought 1000 souls unto repentence. (Alma 26:22) But it wasn't all easy for them and in (Alma 26:27) it says that at one point they wanted to go back but the Lord spoke peace unto them and told them to endure their afflictions and they would have success. Then in (Alma 26:30) it says that they did suffer all manner of afflictions to do the will of the Lord and to help others to find the light that they had. And finally in (Alma 26:31) it says that they did have success and that they suffered those afflictions but pushed forward and endured and they were blessed with 1000's of converts!! And I love that story and I know that I can do the same and I realize that I have to endure a bunch of sadness and afflictions out here but it isn't all in vain and I will be blessed if I endure my trials well and always remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for me :)

Tell Dad and Jake and Grandpa and Kathy and DD and Bob and Grandma and everyone that I love them :) haha chao

Elder Lignell



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