Friday, April 18, 2014

Week Twenty One In Ecuador - Monday, April 14, 2014 - Finally Have Mastered Spanish :)

Hi Mom :) and Family!

I am doing well! 

Ok so first off yes Kathy's present was great!! I've loved it and the eggs are good too....I have been eating them and they taste the same as the real things! :)

I haven't received any of your letters yet or anything from D.D. recently :( 

Thank you for the five little tips I really enjoyed them!

And okay now about this week........

So first off, we didn't have the baptism of Investigator J this week either... :( he has been having a bunch of problems; The first week was because he got a stomach virus and was in the hospital and then this last weekend he had to travel to another city because a family member passed away. So we are still hoping that he can be baptized this upcoming Saturday but we will see how everything goes. 

Other than that I just wanted to share a few funny things about out here. First, I was thinking about how part of the word of wisdom talks about how we can't have tea and the funny thing is that we literally drink hot drinks almost every day down here because we have to boil our water! haha 
And it is so terrible when it is 100 degrees outside and we are drinking a hot drink too... haha but it makes me laugh.
Also this week I had the interesting experience of eating a cow elbow or some sort of cow joint and what it is, is just a bone that is surrounded in like 2 inches of pure fat... nothing else and you just eat the fat off and the people here enjoy it... It was probably one of my least favorite treats here so far haha. Other than that, we've been having sort of a hard time here in our sector in finding new people. We just pass by the same people everyday out here and it is too bad cause we just slowly keep losing more and more people.

But I have faith that we can find new people to teach and I have been studying in Preach My Gospel everyday to find out how to do stuff better out here :) that book really is amazing! Have Jake start reading it if he has time :)

Also I don't want to brag but I feel fluent in Spanish now!  I still miss a few words here and there but I can pretty much understand everything when I am reading in the Book of Mormon and when people talk. I can also say just about anything that I want to! I never thought this day would come when I first got here 6 months ago, but I really feel very comfortable with this language!

Elder Lignell
                                       Another 6-Month Missionary Like Me :)

Having a Little Fun At Conference

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