Monday, April 21, 2014

Week Twenty Two In Ecuador - Monday, April 21, 2014 - Semana Santa Celebration

First off I am glad you guys had a great time in St. George for spring break it sounded like a blast!  

So this week started off great and we were working crazy hard and we got a bunch of stuff done and it was really nice to be having success and new investagators and to feel good about the way that we were working. However as the week went on it seemed like we just slowly had less and less success and our investigators sorta just dissappeared and were lost. Which is something you learn really fast on a mission. That somehow some people can just disappear..... like they'll be in their house all day everyday and then one day you'll never find them again..... maybe they just leave or maybe they just get really good at hidding from the missionaries :) but all in all the week went pretty well. 
Ok, so this week was the famous "Semana Santa" which is the traditon of the catholics to celebrate Easter but they celebrate it the whole week. So one thing they do is make this soup that has every sort of bean in it like kidney bean, lima beans and all the other ones that I dont know the names of. And it usually has fish too which is scary because they don't take all the spines out so you have to eat it very carefully. Well anyways everybody makes that soup and they eat it pretty much all week! So I ate it all week too and it wasnt my favorite but oh well it was an interesting experience. Also on Friday before Easter they all march in the streets representing the time when Christ marched with his cross. I have a picture I will send it to you guys.

Then something funny was that we were with our baptism date at his house and he was watching a movie about Christ that was on so we sat down and were talking to him and watching a little too and it was obviously a Catholic version of the movie cause at the part of the baptism of Christ, it shows Jesus go to John the Baptist to get baptized and he just kneels down in the shallow part of the water and John sprinkles a little water on his head to baptize him... haha so our baptism date was eating a little soup while this was happening and his wife was watching and she says "hey look how Jesus was baptized!" and my companion goes "oh no just keep eating your soup don't worry about it" haha I laughed so hard afterwards.

 However, the sad thing is that our investigator yet again didn't go through with his baptism and we are thinking about letting him go because he keeps saying yes yes yes and then the day of his baptism he comes up with something that he has to do... so ya I'm a little sad about that :( 

But other than that all is well and I had a great week!
                The march in the streets to represent Christ when he carried his cross
Love, Elder Lignell

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