Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week Thirty In Ecuador - June 16, 2014 - The Spirit is so Strong!

Hey family :)

 Hope everyone is doing great! I had a nice week this week. 

 First off I just read the email from Kaleb and  I didn't even think about the fact that I graduated over a year ago. It seems so unreal I can't even belive how many things have happened in the last 12 months. Haha my life has completely changed, it isnt anything like what it was before. But, it's not a bad thing because I trully am helping people have more happiness and light in their lives and what greater gift could you possibly give someone? I can't think of one right now. So I feel good about where I am at right now.  

Next the World Cup started this week and it is crazy down here everyone watches the games, like literally everyone! So, finding people to teach during the games has been interesting!  Also finding people sober is difficult too because everybody drinks nonstop during the games! However God has helped us find a few so we've been blessed for working and not hanging around to just watch the games.

Anyway now about the week. We've had a few little miracles happen that have made me really appreciate this work. Okay so first is that we met a new investigator E. who is about 75 five years old and he is awesome. He lives at home by him self because his wife passed away about 2 years ago and you can tell that he misses her. He has a son and a daughter that live close to him but they don't visit him a ton. Anyway, when we go over to visit him all he wants to do is talk... about everything. He tells how much his phone costs, how many dogs he had, the buses that he takes to go to the park, who won the world cup games, and just about anything else. But, he is great and he is progressing wonderfully and going to church the last two weeks has helped him find friends in the church so that he has more people to talk to. So he loves it and has accepted to be baptized the 5th of July :) At first we thought that he just liked to talk and that he wasn't really paying attention to us so for the last couple days we've been quizing him and he remembers everything we have taught him and is reading and praying everyday. So we are so blessed to have him. He truly is chosen to receive the Gospel at this time :)

Next our baptism for Investigator A. from last week is so sweet. He just recieved the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday and is going to go to the temple this next week! I am so excited that he is such a strong convert.

Then finally on Sunday I felt the Spirit so strong!!! First in the sacrament meeting the Bishop asked me to give a talk about five minutes before the meeting started so I just had to wing it, But I don't know I just had the ability to do it. I talked about faith and listening to the Spirit and to not have fear in pushing threw hard times because there is light at the end of every trial. I felt like I did very well and a lot of people afterwards said they enjoyed what I had to say. Then later that day we had some amazing lessons with some families who are less active. We talked about the atonement and the things that God asks us to do in this life. I honestly strengthened my testimony a bunch on the atonement and I can't explain how, all I know is that bearing testimony of the things you know are true helps you to strengthen your own testimony because it lets you see and hear the things that your heart wants to express.

So that was my week. It was a good one :) And I am excited for the next one and the next and the next! haha

Well I didnt get you package yet... :( hopefully soon
Love you all,
Elder Lignell
Investigator A.  He has such a strong testimony!

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