Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week Twenty Eight in Ecuador - Monday, June 2, 2014 - I Was Robbed....But It Was Kinda Funny :)

Hey Guys!

 Okay so this week was good!

I'm super happy that Jake got great grades in school that really is awesomeand I'm glad you are doing well too.

And I have not recieved the package yet.... hopefully this week or the next but I will let you know when I do get it.

Okay so this week went well however. Not perfect. We didn't have our baptism this week... he fell through. So that is two baptisms in a row that have fallen through for me the day of their baptisms... So I was super sad about that because he is a great kid and we don't really know what happened with everything. He just disappeared the day of his baptism. His family said he left with his uncle around ten in the morning and didn't come back for that whole day and all of Sunday too. So we'll see what happened to him later on today.

But ya that was sad and other than that..... I got robbed for my first time out here.... but don't worry it was funny.

So we were at a members house and we were about to leave and he said here take these two empanadas with you to eat while you're walking so we took them and started walk down the street eating them. And then some homeless guy came walking down the street and he stuck his hand out to shake my hand and the thing here in Ecuador is that if you don't shake someone's hand when they stick their hand out, it is extremely offensive, so I had to stick my hand out to receive him, so I did and right as I grabbed his hand, he reaches over and steals my empanada and then sprints away down the street! hahaha... I was so shocked I had no idea what even happened haha so ya that was my first time getting robbed here! 

Then the week in all was good. We met some new people and had some good lessons. I am really trying to teach better out here and be more direct in the things that I say because it is easy as a missionary to tell someone that they sorta shouldn't really drink coffee than it is to directly tell someone that they CANNOT do what they are doing. And I find myself searching for ways to say things super nicely to people when in reality our responsibility is to just tell people things the way that they are and to be direct. Obviously, you have to talk with love but also direct so others know what is the commandment and what they can't do. 

Other than that I feel good out here I am learning a lot and just pushing forward. 

 Also we do have a baptism this Saturday and he really is great! I know he will be baptized, and he will honestly be my strongest convert that I have so far! So I am super excited!!  

Well the week went well I am exctited for the baptism this Saturday :)

 Please pray for investigators!

Love you all so much!!!!

Elder Austin Lignell


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