Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week Thirty One In Ecuador - June 23, 2014 - Extremely Hot :)

Alright guys what's up? Hope all is well in Utah. Hope you are enjoying your summer, and feel lucky every time you step in the house and have airconditioning. This week has been extremely hot in Ecuador... it has been in the 100's the whole week and the other day inside our house, it hit 94 degrees. But oh well, I feel like I'm some what used to sleeping without covers and soaking my head in water before and after studying..haha :) 

Anyways I am glad Jake is tearing it up in bball, and that's sweet he's playing with John. I didn't have the chance to play ball with him very much but, he's a good kid and plays very well. And his sister is nice.... I had chemistry with her. 

Other than that, this week went well. We worked extremely hard as usual.  Elder Sanchez and I  don't take breaks! We have been giving every last bit of our energy into this work. And it's great when you put all you have into something because afterwards you always have a feeling of satisfaction. The only downfall sometimes is when you don't see the results that you would really like. And that has been our challenge lately. We are looking for new people and inviting everyopne we see to accept challenges and to come to church with us. However, very few are accepting. But that doesn't matter. I feel good with the work that we are doing and I feel like we are trying our hardest to fulfill our pupose as missionaries. Also, I have learned so much about the atonement recently. And in doing so it helps you to see the need that every one of us has to share the gospel with others. Because Jesus paid for us but not just you and me he paid for every single person we see in the streets on the TV... everywhere. And to not have His sacrifice be in vain, we have to open our mouths and help others to understand the importance of Him. I love Him. And I love how everyday out here I have a little bit more of a desire to serve and to help others come unto Christ.

 And finally, this Saturday we have the baptism of Investigator E.. He's a stud and I can't wait to baptize him. 

 We asked him the other day how excited he was to be baptized and he said "I'm good, I have made a decision and nobody can change it." Then we asked, "So if your son or a friend says to you, don't be baptized, what will you say" and he said, "I will tell them that I am committed to be baptized, it is my decision, and nobody can change that, also I don't even drink coffee or tea or smoke or drink or do drugs so of course I will be baptized!" hahaha (we had taught him how if he breaks the word of wisdom he can't be baptized.)

 He is so great. He has progressed a ton and I can't wait for him to recieve the ordinance of baptism and receive the Holy Ghost.

 Love you guys all so much!

Oh and haven't got my package yet... .(

 Love, Elder Lignell 

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