Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Week Thirty Six in Ecuador - July 28, 2014 - Very Busy Times!!!

Hey Family!

So this week was awesome cause we had a baptism!!! It was sweet her name is Investigator E. and she is 15 and she was an old investigator. She has had a super hard life so it has been cool to see what amazing miracles the gospel can do for people who are in trouble and need help. I had the opportunity to baptize her and it was great. I'm feeling really good being here in Malvinas and being able to teach the people here!

This last Sunday was awesome because we had 8 investigators in church and 6 of them are getting ready for their baptisms. So this week has been super productive and we have been working extremely hard. But I love it when I work hard!! I feel better so I just want to keep going and going. Haha also something I have been learning these last few days is that when you teach people you have to make it fun and be able to enjoy the circumstances that you are in. For instance just inviting everyone in the world to go to church and be baptized. The last week we have been putting goals on how many péople we can invite to be baptized and it's great cause we just talk to everybody in the streets and invite them all to follow Christ like what our objective is. And I've been loving it! We have talked to the funniest weirdest people but also we've found a ton of péople who are really ready to recieve the Gospel and they have accepted our invitations, I have trully been gaining a strong testimony that God really does just put people in front of me to teach..... I just have to talk to them and be able to listen to the spirit to do so.  

I have loved this last week....also I can't remember if I told you guys but the other two elders left our house so now I am with Elder Adamson and Elder Cordova who are both from the U.S. And it has been fun the last week to be able to goof around with them. Because we are crazy in the house but we arte working really hard so it's sweet.

This last Friday was the like Independence Day for Guayaquil so there were a ton of parties and it was pretty crazy here in Malvinas. We were constantly watching out for drunk people, but luckily nothing bad happened. Only scary part is  I saw at least 10 different people get robbed that night (I'm totally serious), but God protects his missionaries so nothing happened with us :)

Oh and I love you all....tell Grandpa he is the greatest and I love him to death.

Well hope all is well....until next week Elder Lignell


The picture is of our zone building a house for a service project this week. 
A bunch of returned missionaries that served here like 20 years ago came back to do service here and they asked for our helped so we helped them out on Thursday and it was awesome!!! I got to use normal clothes outside for the first time in like 9 months hahahaha
Elder Lignell
                              Investigator E. on Her Baptism Day

                      Service Project with Returned Missionaries....Way Fun!!

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