Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week Fifty in Ecuador - November 3, 2014 - Great New Companion

Hey guys.... whats up? :) 

Well I'm glad everyone is doing well and that's funny about the house and how you're all living in the living room with all the furniture in one room. And to be completely hones, you guys shouldn't complain... the way you have the living room set up right now is actually what an extremely wealthy Ecuadorian would have as their whole house. They put everything together... the sofas, beds and kitchen with the tv...in one room, so feel lucky that its only for a couple of weeks and not forever hahaha. That's great about Jake going for his first drivers ed road ride.... it made me laugh that his instructor fell asleep while he was driving... it must have meant that he trusted Jake a lot. ;) 

And that's sweet about your scripture study class last Saturday. It is true you do need to mark the scriptures it helps you learn them so much bettter!! And yes send me the scripture marking pens and I would love some cool colored pencils as well. Some that you think would be good for marking as well :) Oh and so like post-it tabs the ones that are different colors and small enough just to put a tab to mark a scripture. 

And well this week went well. I get along really well with my companion and he is a great missionary. I beleieve that with him I have had some of my most spiritual lessons so far out here on the mission. Which is awesome... I never really knew what it felt like before coming here to have the whole room filled with the Spirit and to just be able to see everyones faces light up and be able to recognize those feelings. I love the way the Spirit can change peoples hearts and desires. It gives us light and a new love and makes us feel happy wanted, special, and excited to press forward. 

I have learned here that to have the Spirit, it is essential in missionary work and essential in our everyday lives, if we want to have the guidance of Christ. And the key to having it is being worthy and asking God, and searching for it in our times of need. God is willing to help us in all that we do, and if we put forth our part he is obligated to do his. 

Well anyways those are some of the thoughts that have been going through my head in this last week. And I have been trying my hardest to look for the guidance of the Spirit in all that I do. 

So sorry I don't really have too much to share about this week. It was pretty normal but I am excited to keep pushing forward. Oh and the baptisms will be coming soon in a few more weeks and we'll have a bunch :)

Anyways,  I love you all to death and hope you have a wonderful week!

Elder Lignell

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