Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week Fifty One in Ecuador - November 10, 2014 - Little by Little

Dear Family,

Hey, so I just hopped on the computer, and so first off I got your two packages and I also got the package from D.D. and thank you both so very much... the packages were perfect. I loved them to death and they gave me a nice boost this week. 


Now about the homesickness... no I'm fine don't worry about it... I still love it here :) haha


What else, well now to answer Grandpa; the people here, well for the most part have their own businesses that they make but they are small businesses. For instance where I'm at right now is a little internet cafe with five computers and we pay 50 cents an hour to use the internet.  Another example is a little store that sells food and drinks or a little car wash business in front of someone's house or taxi or bus driver. Those are the main jobs that they have here and unfortunately they don't pay very much and those who work for companies get payed monthly about 300 to 400 dollars.


Alright so now about my week. Well this week was sweet, we had some awesome lessons with our investigators and we have a ton of people that are just about to be baptized... haha but that's the annoying part, they all amost can be baptized, it's just that every single one has something that they are missing to take that last step. For instance if everyhting just fell right into place we would have 7 baptisms just this Saturday. So we are working crazy hard so that all of that can work out! We have a whole family that wants to be baptized and I would love if you could pray for them this week that their father will soften his heart and be able to feel the Spirit.  Also, if you could pray for the "S" family that the husband and wife can get back together and stay strong in the Gospel. 


This week I have been studying a lot about the atonement. So you guys should read in 3 Nephi 27 Alma 7 and 1 Nephi 19:9. They are sweet and honestly everything we have in this life is thanks to the sacrifice of Christ. The only reason we can be happy is because he paid for all that makes us sad allowing us to change to triumph over weaknesses and someday become like him.


I love this Gospel I know sometimes it is hard to live it, but if we aren't willing to suffer a little bit of what Christ felt we will never truly understand how important his sacrifice was for all of us :)


Love you all to death,


Elder Lignell

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