Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week Fifty Two in Ecuador - November 17, 2014 - I Just Love The People Of Ecuador!

Thanks for the letter mom I loved it :) That's so sweet about Jake...tell him congratz for me! Oh and ya I dont want to think about turning twenty I feel super old... but also I am pretty excited because we have 3 baptism dates set up for that Saturday!! I couldnt be more happy about that. 

And you're completely right. I have the perfect family and I couldn't ask for anything more. And about what you thought that time in sacrament meeting is wow exactly what I feel like the theme of my mission should be. In my patriatical blessing it says that the success of my mission will be directly related in my ability to forget about myself and put all of my thoughts into the lives of others. The gospel is about so much more than just ourselves. but the wonderful promise that God makes us in Lucas 17:33 is that if we forget about ourselves and focus in God and helping others we will find who we truly are. We will be better people and we will deserve our spot as sons and daughters of God. So thanks for sharing that because I completely agree. 

Ok so now about my week. This week was great we taught well and we worked hard and I felt the Spirit in a ton of our lessons. I absolutely am falling in love with the people here in Ecuador haha they feel like my family although I never want to live here and Dad, Mom and Jake you guys are better so don't worry. But for real, I feel so much love for the people here and this week we were so blessed with those people we found and the success we had with them. Not to brag or be prideful but on Sunday we brought the most people to church that we ever have... 15!!!! And this Saturday 3 baptisms!!! Wow. Well we are working hard and living up our time here, I love my comp and ya all is well I will let you know how the baptisms end up this Saturday :)
Love you all to death and write me back ;)

Elder Lignell
P.S.  My pictures this week look like all we did was play all week but I promise, we really worked our butts off :)


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