Monday, February 24, 2014

Week Fourteen in Ecuador - Monday, February 24, 2014 - Two More Baptisms!!

Hi Everyone:

Hey guess what....I have a huge suprise for you guys!!!!

I got two baptisms last Saturday!!!

We baptized the two sisters that I was talking about and I got the chance to baptize one of them :) Her name is Investigator M and she is 11 years old and the hillarious thing is that she looked up Jacob on Facebook and  was talking to him the other day. I baptized her and my companion baptized the other sister, Investigator E who is 17! So I now have four baptisms here in Loja and I am so very happy!

It was an absolutely amazing experience to baptize her and it was all in Spanish and I don't know I just loved it. I'm so glad that I got the chance to baptize her and I love the fact that Jacob was talking to her on Facebook the day before her baptism! :)

No I have not gone to the Ecuador temple yet and I probably won't get the chance until I train someone new because I will have to go to Guayaquil and stay there a night if I get that opportunity.

We haven't actually done any service projects yet but we have done a ton of service. For instance on Saturday after the baptism we helped a member's husband, who isnt a member, move these giant bags of cement into a truck and then dumped them off a cliff. It was crazy hard but it's sweet because if we can gain his confidence maybe one day we can baptize him :) and other than that I just pretty much do everybody's dishes everyday... haha... something I thought I would never do :)

I only talk Spanish to my companion and we talk a lot. He doesn't speak any English so I can't really speak English to him... but ya, I can speak Spanish pretty well now. However what I am lacking is being able to understand other people... it is so hard with all the words there are and if you have any advice I would be happy to listen :)

Yes it is a million times easier right now with my companion and I enjoy my time with him. He is a great kid and he tries to be obedient and work hard but he is also fun and wants to have a good time here so I think it is pretty much a perfect balance! 

And with me I am doing great and I love it out here. I am excited to keep helping people and learn so much more!

I love you all.

Elder Lignell

Investigator M and Investigator E on their Baptism Day!!

A "mini me"

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