Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week Twenty Five in Ecuador - Monday, May 12, 2014 - A New Companion...Working Hard and Loving It!

Okay so first off I'm so glad I got the opportunity to talk to you guys, it honestly was absolutely perfect in every way I was so glad that it all worked out!!! I really am so grateful for every single one of you and miss you all a ton but I know that I am in the place that I need to be right now and I know that the day when I do get to come home, it will be priceless to know that I served my time and that I gave my part for God.

My new companion is Elder Sanchez. He is from Mexico and the city San Luis Potosi. He's been out here for 14 months. And honestly he is great! I have really enjoyed my time with him and he has already taught me a ton. I am really excited to keep working with him because we have been working really hard and I feel like with him, we are really fulfilling our purposes as missionaries :) so it's wonderful and hopefully I get to spend a bunch of time with him! 
Oh and so if there is space in the package you send me,  he wants you to send tobasco sauce but if there isn't room don't worry about it. :)

I'm glad that you liked my testimony :)

I tried to really be sincere and explain some of the things that I've felt out here because it's not all easy and wonderful here all the time. I mean there are a ton of really hard parts but in the end all of those crazy hard parts really do help to strengthen your testimony and you learn how to really trust in God :)

Well anyways, I guess I will tell you about my week now. Okay so first off we have been working super hard! With Elder Sanchez we don't waste any time which is great because we are always busy but at the same time we are forced to find new people or else nothing will work out. But I have faith that we are doing what we are suppossed to and that we will be blessed for working hard and I have already seen a few of those blessings already!!

First we met this great kid, Investigator  A. and he is 18 and he went to church last Sunday and accepted to be baptized the 7th of June and he is wonderful! We taught him about the plan of salvation right before church and then that next day in church pretty much all of the lessons and topics related to the plan of salvation so I am so grateful that we taught him about it before so that he had a background knowledge.  And I know that the spirit testified that to us before and it was an amazing experience to take notice of that during church!

And also we have Investigator J. who is going to be baptized this next Saturday but we aren't sure how strong his testimony is and we want to watch him this week... So we don't know if we will really go through with the baptism or if we'll sorta just hold it off because it is diffuclt for him to show us that he actually has a testimony... so we'lll see... maybe I'll have a baptism this week and maybe not :)  

Other than that I am doing good it was absolutely wonderful to talk to you all yesterday :)

I'm excited to get my package and I was thinking last night how cool it is that Jacob learned the ukulele... I would love to learn the Uke so Bad!!!!!

Other than that I would love if you guys could pray for Investigator J. so that he can be baptized this week.

 Also for Elder Sanchez (my new companion) and his family.... that all can be well with them :)

Elder Lignell
                                                      My New Companion - Elder Sanchez
Guayaquil, Ecuador

                                                                 Guayaquil, Ecuador

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