Monday, May 5, 2014

Week Twenty Four in Ecuador - Monday, May 5, 2014 - Crazy Week!

Ok hey guys I'm on the computer and this week has been interesting... but I'll talk about it later.

Our "P-Days" we pretty much just get up like normal... we study for two and a half hours then we clean the house, go drop off our laundry, buy food, eat lunch and then write our families and after that it usually is like 4 and so we sleep until 6 then we go to work... so ya they are pretty boring, but I've adjusted :) 

AND I DID GET THE PACKAGE FROM D.D. :))))) Tell her that I loved it so much!!! It was great and I have loved eating it!!

Tell Dad super happy birthday from me and tell him sorry that I didn't draw him a flower picking machine. But let him know that if he would like a gift I can draw something and send it haha :) 

But ya tell him I love him and he's the greatest Dad ever!!

That's sweet about jake's game tell him he's a baller and to keep it up. Oh and that we'll have to play when I get back to see who's better!!!

Oh and the question from Dad...I just get my hair cut wherever. The last week I got it cut from a member for 2 bucks but next time I want to go to a hair cutting place where everyone is a crazy big tattooed guy that cut your hair!

Ok now about my week:

 So the first part of the week was honestly one of the worst weeks I've had out here. And pretty much all of it was just because my companion is struggling with enthusiasm because he doesn't believe that he can have success here. So it has been crazy hard and I've been trying to help him keep a good attitude.

And on Saturday, I was feeling worse then ever, but then something happened. The husband of one of the members came running up to us and he was at the point of crying... he explained to us that his wife was in the hospital and in a really critical state.

Ok, so first I'm going to explain a little bit about this family. They are extremely poor.... like they sometimes don't have food to eat. All they have in their house is a bed, a toilet, a tv and a fan. Nothing else and there are 6 of them....the mom, dad, three daughters and a son. The mom is pregnant with another child and has been having a ton of problems with the baby and it may not live. 
The husband has hard a super tough life and lived a very hard life before. He robbed a bunch of people and stabbed them when he robbed them. He also was addicted to drugs but has recently overcome the addiction. He has been listening to our messages because he isn't a member.  

So on Saturday he came running up to us and told us that his wife was in the hospital and that the baby was really bad and that most likely either she or the baby will die. 

He needed money to buy pills and I helped him buy the pills that he needed and payed for a taxi. I used 20 bucks for that out of my own money and it felt really nice. It changed my whole mood about everything.

Then yesterday we went to visit him and he told us that everytime we come to his house he feels something amazing. He said he knows that we have been called of God and that were called to help him. He told me that he believes that God sends angels to the earth to help others and said that he believes that we are those angels :) 

Those two days changed my whole perspective about being out here and I am so happy I had those experiences. I love being out here and I love that I can help so many people in their lives.
I love you all!

Elder Lignell

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