Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week Twenty Seven In Ecuador - Monday, May 26, 2014 - Loving The Work I Am Doing!

Hey Family :)

Well I made it another week out here. And my week was good, it was pretty normal all in all but it was good, and once again we worked super hard! And it's interesting here because we aren't having very much success, but I am working harder than I ever have out here. We are doing everything that we should to be; being obedient, focusing hard on listening to the Spirit and I have been studying in the mornings better than ever before.  I'm really looking for everything in the scriptures that relates to my life and that relates to others. I have been trying to talk more in our lessons and be more out going and more socialable with the members. And I want to really help the people here to learn about the gospel and for the members to always remember why they're here in this church.  I have the faith that I'll be blessed for being obedient. Hopefully I'll be able to recieve the promise in Ether 12:6!!!!

But I am happy and we do have two baptisms for the next two weeks!!!!

So ya we are having success haha I just want more... :)
So this next week we have the baptism of Investigator F. and he is 15 years od and he is the grandson of Investigator J.  He is wonderful! He has been progressing very well and I feel like I need to baptize someone from this family haha (Investigator J. fell through with his baptism date again and was sick in the hospital for about a week... so we have kinda given up on trying to baptize him, maybe someday some other elders will baptize him but for right now I'm fine with just baptizing his grandson) Franklin is great! He went to the mutual for the church on Saturday and helped the Priest Quorum clean the church too!!! I am super excited for his baptism!

And then the week that follows, we have a baptism of another kid who is named Investigator A. He is 18 years old and honestly is one of the strongest investigators that I have had so far! His testimony is gigantic and he honestly was someone just waiting to recieve the gospel!! He will be baptized the 7th of June! Also he said a prayer in Elders Quorum and I promise you it was just as good as what the Bishop would say! He has recieved every lesson perfectly and has no other problems to work through to be baptized.  It's so great and I can't wait for his baptism and I hope so badly that after he decides to serve a mission!!!! That would be the coolest thing ever!!

So those are the two people that we are really working with right now and they keep me going out here everyday. I can't wait to actually baptize again because I don't know if you've noticed but I've gone almost two months without a baptism and I would love some more :)

But, I am doing great and I love the Gospel! I love helping people out here come unto Christ. I love teaching others how to really be happy and to be able to testify to them that I am happy because of the Gospel. I know this church is true and everyday I enjoy sharing it more and more. 

 Love you all,

Elder Lignell

                                 Me and Elder Sanchez in matching World Cup Ecuador Soccer Jerseys!


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