Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week Twenty Six in Ecuador - Monday, May 19, 2014 - Work, Work, Work :)

Hi Everyone,
So this week was really great!! It was probably one of the hardest weeks that I have had for working hard, because with my new companion we work so hard! He doesn't like to waste time at all so we just work and work and work and I actually really like it.
So during this week we walked everywhere and searched for a bunch of new people and we hardly met anyone at all and it was super tough but we just kept pushing along and didn't let anything get us down. We have two baptism dates. One is for the 7th of June and he is Investigator A and he is 18 and he is so great! We have had some super awesome lessons with him and he wants to be baptized and says that he knows the church is true! The other one is Investigator F. and he is 14. His grandpa is  the other baptism date that we never could baptize cause he lacked a little bit of testimony but his grandson is great and we have been helping him come to church. He has been three times now and says that he knows that he wants to be baptized! So hurray!!!!

 Then this last Sunday (yesterday) was by far the best day of the week! So we were fasting as a zone and it was well really hard because it was 102 degrees Saturday and we couldn't drink anything but ya I survived through church and made it to lunch :) Then after we went to a less active member's house and their family was over for lunch. We talked to them for awhile after they finished eating and they had a ton of questions for us.  And, I have no idea how, but I answered pretty much all of their questions smoothly and I felt like they understood me clearly. Then we started to share the lesson on the restoration and I explained almost all of it more clearly than I have ever shared it before! I felt the Spirit helping me choose the words as I was saying them and I wasn't even thinking how to say it all!!!... it just all came out in what I felt was perfect Spanish!
 We gave the girl who had the most questions a Book of Mormon and invited her to read. But, she said no because  she said she had recieved her answer in her other religion and that she didn't need more answers..... but then I felt inspired to share my testimony and when I finished she told me that she could tell that I knew it was true she said,  "when you talk you have a light that shines from you and you can tell that you want to share that knowlege with others." She then said that she would read the book but that she still didn't want to pray. After that we closed up the lesson and left. Now I have no idea what will happen with her or if she really will read it but all I know is that she felt the same Spirit that I was feeling and that she has El Libro De Mormon and maybe we planted a seed and maybe one day something more will come of it.... but as of now we completed our pupose of inviting her and helping her to feel the Spirit and for that I loved that lesson so very much and I was so happy for the way that it turned out. :)

Also, I got your letters and the one from Aunt D.D.  And, I'm excited for my package....everything you have listed sounds perfect....thank you very much for putting it all together.

This week was great!

Talk to you guys soon....Love you all!
Elder Lignell
                                          Yes, I know we are weird but you sorta have to be weird to be a missionary :)


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