Saturday, July 5, 2014

Week Thirty Two in Ecuador - June 30, 2014 - A New Companion :)

Hey guys :) Well I'm doing great down here however there have been a few pretty big changes. So first off I am no longer junior companion. I have been switched to senior companion and my new companion's name is Elder Garcia. He also happens to be from Mexico, but he only has 6 months out here in his mission. So it has been sweet to have the opportunity to be senior companion and do everything the way that I would like to however it is also a ton more stress. 

I am now in a new area but I am still in Guayaquil. The area is called Malvinas. And it is great however the area is pretty dangerous. It is by far the poorest area that I have been in so far and there are a ton of problems with drugs... So it is a little sketchy. You have to be really carefull where you go in the area in night or else you'll get robbed. But don't worry mom I am being careful. 

Other than that the church that we meet at is super small however the ward is awesome and they stick about 150 members in the building every sunday and if you guys could see how small the building is you would be impressed. 

Also we have two baptism dates set up for the 12th of July and I am stoked for them to go through. They are two kids that are 16 they are best friends and they are awesome! They have loved going to church and I'm excited to continue to help them prepare to get baptized. 

So ya I am doing great out here. I was way sad to leave Maracaibo.... that ward was the best and I was so sad to leave Elder Sanchez. We worked harder than anyone out there. And we were just starting to see all the miracles from our efforts as I left... :( But I learned so much from Elder Sanchez and I am so grateful for the time that I had with him. )

Also I am exctited to work here as senior companion. I mean now I have the chance to just work and teach and show everyone the type of missionary I am going to be for my mission. So there is a lot of pressure but it's okay I am excited to push forward and keep working. :)

I love you all so very much. That's sick that Jake won is game and I am glad you get to do girls camp again mom.

Well unfortunately I didn't get the package yet... hopefully next week.

 But other than that all is well

 I'm excited to work and work and work with my new comp. 

 Love, Elder Lignell
                               My New Companion, Elder Garcia, is 2nd from the right.

                                                 Me and Elder Myers (A good friend)

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