Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week Thirty Five in Ecuador - July 21, 2014 - Learning How To Handle Stress

Hey family! Ya so I am doing well right now only that I am super stressed but I will talk about that a little bit later. 

Okay first off, I have not recieved my package yet :( hopefully soon.

Second, I am glad all is well with you guys!  

That's cool that you and Dad looked up Malvinas....it really is super poor and pretty sketchy but oh well I havent gotten robbed here yet :)

Ok now about this week. So this week went well but it was pretty "loco" So first off the baptism date that we had programed for this week went to another part of Ecuador for a vacation. He told us that he would be back before his baptism and that he was super excited about his baptism... however he has yet to make it back from his trip and now it is getting close to two weeks that he has been gone and we haven't heard anything from him, so maybe he just left for good and won't come back. I guess we'll see what goes down this next week.

 Then the two other missionaries that we were living with, the zone leaders, on Friday they both left the area. They worked in the same ward as us in Malvinas, so when they left, they left us with their whole program of people that they were visiting and that were being prepared to be baptized. Therefore now we have the whole wards' investigators just for us... I should have two baptisms this week two the next week two the next week and then the following has three more. And so right about now it is pretty stressful to try to manage everybody together, it's literally like I gained double responsibility. Also we have two new zone leaders now and they are both gringos... one is from Washington and the other is from Utah and they are both sweet. They work crazy hard and it's been fun getting to know them. 

Anyway this week went well. It was a little funny because I told my companion the other day that I would feel comfortable right now to have a ton of people preparing to be baptized. So I think God heard me and thought it would be funny to just dump a ton of people in my lap to be baptized. haha But don't think I am complaining I am extremely happy about all of it. It's fun to be busy out here and always have a bunch of stuff to do. I've been learning a ton on how to control my stress and how to keep investigators interested in what we are teaching. To be completely honest I never realized before my mission how tricky it is to teach the Gospel and have success. You have to really find out who the people are that you are teaching and you have to know them inside and out. You have to be able to make them laugh and relate everything from the Gospel to their lives, and if you don't they get uninterested and don't feel like the Gospel is personal for them. So you always have to be on your toes when you are teaching and all of your energy has to be put into them... haha being a missionary is exhausting mentally and physically. I am always tired out here but it's a good tired and I'm sure I'll have time to sleep when I get back.

Anyways, love you all so much. I keep you in my prayers every night.

Elder Lignell

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