Monday, February 9, 2015

Week Sixty Four in Ecuador - Feburary 9, 2015 - Grateful for the Chickens Underneath Our Apartment :)

Hey Family! 

Well I'm glad to hear that everyone is well :) and wow, you guys talked about free agency way over there in Utah (haha) we also talked about free agency in our priesthood session all the way over here on the other hemisphere...pretty cool huh? The church is all on the same page!

I'm so glad that Jake is doing well on his team. That makes me so happy. I honestly will love to go watch him at the games when I get back! 

And I hope you said hello to Courtney Long for me, and if not you'll have to tell him I say hi!

And my new territory actually isnt that bad, I expected it to be a lot more scary, but really you just have to be careful about what streets you take and not ever have the cellphone out and pretty much nobody bothers you. And I'm pretty much used to the heat by now... I feel like when I get back to Utah I'll die from the cold. So maybe I'll just rent an apartment and stay here  in the Isla Trinitaria hahaha :)

Anyways now about my week. It has actually been a really great week. Wow lots of work, but fun at the same time. We literally were running all over Guayaquil helping out the other missionaries and also trying to find new people to teach in our area. And it was a blast. I asked God a lot this week in my prayers to help me to be a good enough missionary to be able to help others get motivated and to strongly feel the spirit. After asking in my prayers, on Tuesday night I had a wonderful expierience in that we were out working in our area and we found an elderly man sitting outside his house and we began to talk to him and get to know him better. My companion then felt impressed to start teaching lesson 1 of the restoration of the gospel and began to explain to the elderly man the beginining principals. Then as he closed, I jumped in explaining how the church was first established by Christ when he was here on the earth. I literally felt the Spirit just jump into the lesson and it slowly began to guide me in how I explained the lesson. I was so amazed speaking to him and hearing words that really weren't even mine. They all just fell out of my mouth perfectly... it was almost scary to hear myself talking and as I continue explaining the lesson, the investigator stops me and says. "It makes sense right, that God made his church." Then he asked, "So if the church fell away, where is it today?" I then finished the lesson explaining of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon replying to his question. At the very end of the lesson after we had invited him to read and to pray, He says "I've trully enjoyed the message that youve explained to me, it all made sense and I felt that it was true, I'll be happy to read the book." It just gave me the biggest smile to hear him, feel the Spirit so strong, and actually see God work though me right in front of my eyes. God answered my small prayer in an amazing way, and that is why I just love being a missionary!

Other than that I'm trying my best to be the best misionary that I can, and to always look on the bright side! 

Something funny this week is that below our appartment there is a place where they raise chickens... so the apartment a lot of the time smells like a chicken coop... which is not my favorite! However, I also realized that there are no ants in our apartment and in every other apartment I have had, there has been a ton of ants. I might be wrong but I believe that the ants don't come to the apartment because it smells bad from the chickens hahaha and it made me remember one of mom's favorite book about the girls in the concentration camp that are grateful for the fleas... because the guards don't come in to beat them.... hahaha... it's almost the same thing :) but for real we always have to be grateful no matter what. Mosiah 4:11-12

I'm getting along great with my companion, he's a great kid :)

All in all I'm happy, I'm working hard and giving it my all. If everything works out we will have a baptism this week so wish us luck and all your prayers are welcome!!

 Elder Lignell

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