Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week Sixty Six in Ecuador - February 23, 2015 - One Specific Story

Hey family.


Anyways so ya carnival is over and we got back to normal and were able to work the rest of the week. It was fun to be here in Guayaquil this year for those festivals because they celebrate a lot more. They all had pools outside of their houses and it's hilarious!! They'd have a little tiny street just filled with 7 or 8 plastic pools like the one at our house with a ton of music and everyone swimming :)


My stomach problems have gone away and I feel fine now so don't worry. And mom I'm zone leader now so I can rest if I need to if I'm not feeling well :) and I dont have to worry too much about others taking advantage of me now :) one of the perks of having this calling. But at the same time it is extremely stressful sometimes;  we are constantly getting calls and having more stuff to do, and everyone looks to me for answers and help in their areas. Also the mission president dropped in on one of our meetings this last Saturday to motivate the zone which is intimidating being the one to teach the other missionaries and have the president sit in listening as well. But I felt like I did a good job so no worries :)


That's sweet about the basketball games. Never knew that the Brighton girls basketball team would be good...


And wow I can't believe Nathan is back!!! That is insane. I wonder if he baptized people...? Russia sounds like it would be super super hard. 


 It is tough to be around people that take away from the Spirit and that's why the prophet tells us to pick good friends and to stand in holy places. However, something that I have learned on the mission is that sometimes you do have to have the courage to stand up and say something, and that you have to be the one to invite the Spirit, change the subject and sometimes reprimand others for what they do wrong. Being a zone leader has been a little tough in that I have never been good at telling others what they can't do. I don't like being rude or mean but sometimes with people they don't realize what they're doing is wrong until you show them. And the Spirit can softly guide us in the way to change their train of thought. 3 Nephi 12:14-16


Now about my week. It was pretty sweet. We worked hard and we have been finding some really interesting poeple to teach. However I would like to share one specific story. Alright so on Saturday we got a call from one of our missionaries saying that they had found one of their investigators who was pleading them to get baptized that day. So we went over to his house and I did the baptismal interview to see if he was ready to get baptized and in talking to him he shared with me an amazing story of how he wasn't a good person before. He had a ton of problems with drugs, jail time, and his girlfriend. He was in a really bad place about 6 months ago and one of his friends was a member of the church and started talking to him about God and that God could help him.

So one night he prayed to God asking for someone to invite him to the true church and later that week two brothers from our church invited him that Sunday but he ended up saying no to them. Ironically he said he would go when he felt the desire to go from his heart. Later that day he realized that he had recieved the answer to his prayer and rejected it. The following Sunday he went to church alone and after two months of investigating suddenly that Saturday, felt the impression that he needed to be baptized. And that's when he went and searched out the missionaries. He changed his life! He loves the church and I had never seen someone that just lit up with light talking about the church. He was so excited to erase his past and start over. I was honered to be able to get to know him and see him recieve that joyful ordinance of a baptism :)


Haha then the funny thing, right after leaving the interview we are walking and a police guy pulls up and a guy on the corner sees him and immediately speeds away on his motorcycle and they both go out in a high speed chase. Then as another policeman pulls up to the same place another 12 guys all just scatter in different directions... hahaha if the policeman hadn't came up I wouldn't have even realized that I was completely surrounded by criminals! But I'm fine... no worries!


Love you guys!


Elder Lignell

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