Monday, February 2, 2015

Week Sixty Three in Ecuador - February 2, 2015 - A Transfer and Called to be Zone Leader

Hey family! 

Well that is great that you were fasting this week mom :) I also fasted this week and it definitely was not easy either... 

Well in reality this whole week has just been crazy. A lot has happened! Alright so first off I worked the whole week in Machala until Saturday in the afternoon. We were in the Coco teaching one of our investigators and making sure that they were going to attend church this Sunday. Well during the lesson I got a phone call so I answered it and it was the zone leaders telling me that I had transfers and that I had to be in Guayaquil as fast as possible. So getting off the phone I told the investigator that I was sorry but that I had to leave to Guayaquil and the investigator says, "oh don't worry at all leave , it's fine, I'll see you both tomorrow in church" hahaha I then had to explain to her that I wasn't coming back... :( so anyways after that I ran home, stuck all of my stuff wherever it could go and left to Guayaquil, and I arrived at about 12 o'clock at night. Now the best part, well I found out what my new sector is it's called "La Isla Trinitaria" it's probably the most dangerous part of all of Ecuador (haha it even has a movie named after it) But the weird thing is that I was also called to be Zone Leader and my companion is Elder Flores from Peru. He has already been my companion before. But ya pretty darn crazy.

Then today we had a leadership council, where all of the zone leaders from the whole mission go to Guayaquil to learn who to be better leaders and what we can do in the mission to be able to reach our goals and be the best missionaries that we can be.

And honestly it was amazing, I felt the Spirit so very strong. And we learned so much. The president talked a lot about not hardening our hearts and that we at all times, have to be open to the Spirit to get new ideas and that we have to continue forwards always. That the challenges that the Lord gives us is not an excuse to complain or to harden you heart. 

We talked about the desire that we have to have to achive our goals and give the Lord what he deserves. 

I truly know with all my heart that President Torres is the mission president that I need. I know he has been called of God and wow he is such a wonderful person. I'm so thankful for all that he's done for me :)

SO anyways I'm doing well. I'm excited to keep working. I obviously have a lot more responsibility so I have to always set a good example. I know it will be hard, but with God on my side I know that I can do it!

Oh and I got my package thank you guys so much!!!! I loved everything that you sent me!
However you paid way too much for all that stuff... I feel way bad... :( 


Elder Lignell

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