Monday, May 18, 2015

Week Seventy Eight in Ecuador - May 18, 2015 - One Of My Most Successful Days As A Missionary!

Hey family, well I'm glad everyone is doing well. Glad you're all busy and happy :) 

I wrote Cameron mom. Tell Kristen that's sweet he's gonna go on a mission! I'm proud of him.

Tell Jake he's a stud :) I'm glad he enjoyed my testimony. Don't worry about the eagle scout, just take a video and send me lots of  pictures :)

Thanks for aplying to BYU! I hoe they accept me!! hahah I'll pray this week that they do :)

And lastly about my package if you haven't already sent it. put some fizzy drinks in. I ran out again.

Alright now about my week. Alright so it has been absolutely crazy! So much stuff happened this week. First off I told you that we had nobody come to church the week before... well, we got super excited to go out and work on Tuesday and I had one of my most successful days as a missionary!! We put 3 new baptism dates, contacted 11 references and rescued 2 baptisms for the zone to get baptized that Saturday. And it was awesome!! I felt the spirit so strong, in just being able to forget overselves and work hard. I felt like God was putting people in our path because he saw our diligence that day. And I believe that there is a principle that every missionary should know. That God trusts in us to convert his children. If we are not worthy or not obedient, he won't trust us to convert very many of his children and they won't be placed in our path. But if we are obedient and diligent in our work, God will trust us and we will have the wonderful opurtunity to teach and help many of his children come back to him.

Next my companion got way sick during the week and Thursday night he got really bad and wasn't responding like he should and he started shaking really bad. I had to take him to the hospital at 12 o'clock at night and we were there until 3 in the morning. (The Ecuadorian hospitals are really slow at attending to people) But thankful my companion is now better so no worries.  He was dehydrated.

Then we changed houses this week and we found a way cool house that isn't above a chicken coop and the has windows that I can actually stick my head out of so I'm pretty stoked.

Lastly we were so blessed to have the baptism of V!! He's 83 years old and he's awesome. It was so cool to be part of his baptism and he was so happy. He's a great little guy. He walks just a little bit slower that turtle, and his baptism was the first time he had bathed in the last 4 months! He loves little kids; he pretends to throw rocks at the little kids around his house and they all scream and run and they call him grandpa :) I love him and it was wonderful to get to know him and really feel love for him and his family.

Well I'm doing well family. I love this work and hope all is well in Utah!

Love, Elder Lignell

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