Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week Seventy Seven in Ecuador - May 11, 2015 - Recognize God in Your Life Everyday

Hey family!

Wow it was so awesome to be able to see all of you guys yesterday! And we were so blessed to be able to have the skype work this time. I could see you all and you could see me ¡¡¡Que bendicion!!! haha but honestly it was so great to see everyone and know that you are all doing well. Thanks for always suporting me and helping me to stay animated out here.  

Tell Jake not to worry about his test because his seminary won't affect his grade point average. What should matter for him is just to learn the scriptures because  that is what will benefit him most in the mission! :)  

And yes we were able to do a little bit of shopping today. We went to a place called the bahia which is like a giant strip mall with thousands of little tents all selling different things. However they have way to many clothing tents and not enough typical stuff from Ecuador, but I was able to find a cool hammock that I bought. So when I get back we can set it up underneath the tree house! It'll be way cool! We also took some cool pictures, I'll send you them in a sec. 

So anyways now about this week. Well we worked really hard and it was honestly a little bit tough because on Sunday we passed by all of our investigators houses to bring them to church and not a single one was in their house! They had all left early for Mother's Day, to their grandma's house or to the cemetery or on vacation. And it sorta stunk... it was the first time in more than a year that I haven't brought at least one person to church... So I was a little bit bummed out, but being able to talk to you guys helped out a ton.
When I was bearing my testimony to you guys the first time in Spanish I was thinking in my head as the words came out "wow my testimony has changed, and grown so much" and after finishing the call I realized that it didn't matter that no one came to church. We tried our best and things just didn't work out. That will never mean that I am not having success. I was able to hear from my own voice the "true success" that I've had so far in my mission. And it got me a lot more excited to finish out the time God has given me here. I have five months left. Five months to give all of my heart might mind and strength to bring others unto Christ and I have to take advantage of every second.  

I love all of you to death! I love this mission and I love what I'm doing! Remember to recognize what God does in your lives everyday...Because he does a lot :)

Love, Elder Lignell
                           I was able to make a baptism date with Ronald McDonald!

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