Monday, May 4, 2015

Week Seventy Six in Ecuador - May 4, 2015 - Never a Normal Day When You Are Zone Leader :)

Hey guys,

Well this week was yet again very interesting. I've decided being a zone leader means you hardly ever get normal days! It's always a mystery what's going to happen. Whether it's missionaries in need of help, or that are trying to get a long or a meeting with the President or the assistants...It's definitely never boring and it always keeps me on my toes.

For instance, this week I had an interchange with another missionary that was ordered by the President of the mission that lasted for 5 days... So when I finally got back to my real area all the members had thought that I was gone forever. But honestly, I am loving this time of my mission! I love trying to help others and getting to know the investigators of all the different missionaries. One of the greatest things is doing the baptismal interviews where I get the chance to sit and talk one on one with the investigators that are going to get baptized. It's so cool to see the conversion that so many of these people have had and to hear their small testimonies as they are just starting out in this gospel. I promise every time it strengthens my own testimony just a little  bit more.

Anyways, I am so excited to skype with you guys this Sunday!!!!!  

And I'm glad you liked the pictures of me and my companion. I do get a long with him super well, haha he's absolutely crazy. But it's great... we've had some hilarioous stories together and he makes the work a ton of fun.

Anyways I had a great week.  In the small amount of time I got to work in my own area we had a few cool experiences. One was that we went to teach a family that we have been teaching for awhile and when we got there we didn't have anything planned to teach them that day but they asked us to share something with them. So we prayed and in my mind I felt impressed to share about  Lehi's dream and the iron rod and tree of life, all of that. Anyways when we started reading I thought to myself, "why am I sharing this... and how am I going to relate this story to them...? I really didn't know why I chose that story or anything, I just felt the impression that I should. And at the end of reading and explaining it Carlos the husband said to me, "Why did you share that story?" and I had nothing to say, but I just said I felt like I needed to. He then began to explain how he felt that the entire story related directly to him and his life and he thanked us for sharing it! It was so amazing to see how following the Spirit, even when something doesn't seem logical, will always work because God loves everyone and if we listen to the Spirit we can be instruments in his hands to touch the lives of others.

I love this work... I love being a missionary and all the wonderful things I am learning. It's so amazing that God lives and loves us and shows his love everyday without ceasing...we just have to look for it and recognize it and we'll then see that it's all around us in every moment.

Love you guys,

Elder Lignell

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