Monday, February 17, 2014

Week Thirteen In Ecuador - February 17, 2014 - Still in Beautiful Loja

Dear Family:

Ok so I will update you however not too much is new. I am still just hanging out here in Loja and I am loving it here however like I said earlier, Loja is literally the hardest place in the entire mission to baptize. It has the lowest average for baptisms for every month and year.  I didn't know that before but I guess it is good that I am here for my first area so that I can really learn how to handle a hard area. Also it´s cool because I do have two baptisms here so if I can get a few here then I can baptize anywhere!! :)

Yes I am still with my same companion and he is from Colombia and from a city that is one of the most dangerous in the world! I love him and we are getting to become better and better friends which is nice and I am really enjoying my time with him!

Okay other than that, the week was good but we didn't have any of our investigators come to church, but Investigator M and Investigator E are progressing right along and have a date for the 1st of March so I think I will get my third and fourth baptism then!!! I am so excited they are just great girls! I don't know if I told you but Investigator M is 11 and Investigator E is 17 and they have been going to mutual and everything and I love the fact that they are progressing and that we can just be their friends and help them along!!

Valentines day was good. I gave my companion a big kiss when he woke up..... hahahaha ......just kidding..... it was normal and I didn't have anything to celebrate :) haha

And a funny story for the week was that I was walking on the side of the road and I wasn't looking where I was stepping and I literally stepped into a giant pile of mud and sunk in about a good foot or so and was completely covered in mud!! We weren't  close to our house so I talked to people like that for a good hour or so and got some pretty funny looks :) haha ....ya.... not too funny but oh well :)

Love you guys so much! 

Elder Lignell

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