Monday, February 10, 2014

Week Twelve In Ecuador - February 10, 2014 - No Transfer Yet

Dear Family:

Ok so thank you so very much for sending out that package and I will be so happy when it arrives! Haha I love you guys so much you all truly are the best. 

Ok, so last week I talked about having transfers and I am not sure if I am going to have them at the moment I am still in Loja. Nobody knows anything about the transfers. For instance our whole zone hasn't had anyone call them or anything so we will see what happens.  I might get tranfered tonight and be in a new area for next week! And I kinda hope that I do get transfered because I would like to get to know a new area and meet new people and also have more success. Loja is a very difficult area in this mission. In fact I have heard that it is the hardest area to get baptisms.  So it is cool that I have at least two here, but I want a lot more! I want to be able to help as many people as possible and at the moment I have decided to put a goal of 50 baptisms in my mission ( haha so I have a ways to go :)

All in all this week was good. We have two investigators that are progressing, Investigator E and Investigator M and they are two sisters. Investigator E is 17 and Investigator M is 11 and they are great! They have been listening to the lessons and have both gone to church two times Investigator E had a really serious relationship with her boyfriend and just barely broke it off hopefully because she realized through our teachings, that it was for the better. They both say that they want to be baptized and have dates for the 1st of March. Whether I am here or not, I am pretty sure they will get baptized, and oh well, if I get transferred, they will kinda count as half baptisms :) haha What matters is that they go through with it and I think they will so I am very happy about that!

Two quick funny stories: One morning I guess the Elder in my house had switched his name tag with mine as a joke and I didn't even take notice and had no idea until we were contacting on the street and I went to introduce myself and said something along the lines of " Hola, much gusto, mi nombre es Elder... aww crap..." haha because the name tag said Elder CasteƱeda who is native to Ecuador haha. I know kinda lame but I thought it was funny. So anyway I was a native Ecuadorian missionary for half the day before I got the opportunity to switch back for mine.

Also something else sorta funny is that for one lunch we had what the people here call spaghetti and  it was just the spaghetti noodles without sauce and with a mountain of rice... ( I don't know if I have said it before but here in Ecuador they eat so much rice it is a joke.... definitely more than in China so all the rice jokes about China should get switched around for Ecuador... ) anyway, the noodles with a ton of rice and a tiny piece of chicken on top and that was their version of spaghetti.  And I know I have been here for too long cause I actually really enjoyed it... hahah :)

Anyway, I love you all! I am so very sorry about Miles Lignell and I will pray for the people that were close to him. I am glad Dad is healing and hope that he can get back to work soon! Also I hope you can find someone for Tracy´s spot. I will pray for both of you and I guess for Jake too since he is my brother :) haha 

Elder Lignell                                                

The Fajardo Family.  They have
have been like my second family while
I've been here.  Sorry've been
replaced for a bit :) :) :)


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